Load image into Gallery viewer, Moonlight Jasmine Absolute Pulse Perfume Roll-On 10ml

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Moonlight Jasmine Absolute Pulse Perfume Roll-On 10ml

Moonlight Jasmine Absolute Pulse Perfume Roll-On 10ml

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    Jasmine Scent

    Instantly recognizable, Jasmine carries an exotic, floral note with a sensual muskiness, reason why many consider it to be an aphrodisiac. Jasmine is one of the most beloved flowers out there, being the most present scent in perfumery (over 83% of ladies’ perfumes contain Jasmine). Imagine closing your eyes and being hugged by an infinity of delicacy and feminism, suave elegance and pure happiness.

    This is a 100% natural product.

    Packaging: Glass bottle 10ml + steel roll-on ball

    Ingredients/INCI: Fractionated Coconut Oil/Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Jasmine Absolut/Jasminum Graniflorum Flower Extract.


    Validity: 2 years after opening. 


    How to use

    We recommend applying the pulse perfume in areas with a strong blood flow, such as elbow creases, inside of the wrists, on the neck, and behind the ears. 
    Where to apply:
    • Inside of your wrists;
    • Outside of your palm (deeply hydrating);
    • Elbow creases;
    • Neck;
    • Behind the ears;
    • Nail cuticles (deeply hydrating);


    In traffic jams

    Stuck in the slow Swiss 5PM-traffic? Brighten up your day by using the pulse perfume on your wrists, exterior side of your hand and nail cuticles. The delicate scent will definitely make your busy day better.

    Always in your purse

    One great thing about this pulse perfume is that it’s tiny, so it will not take loads of space in your purse or bag. You can take it literally anywhere with you.

    Before sleep

    Don’t hesitate to add some nice rolls on your hands and neck before going to sleep. The smell is very delicate, not at all intoxicating like normal perfumes, hence a great companion to sleepland.

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